Digital marketing has revolutionized how corporations advertise and engage prospective leads. Social media is increasingly being used to attract and interact with customers. Fortunately, digital strategies are not exclusive to profit-oriented organizations only. Nonprofits can also leverage social media platforms, email marketing, etc. to reach…

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Recruit More Volunteers Online: 4 Insightful Tips

Any cause worth fighting for requires tremendous support and hard work. Naturally, volunteers are the most valuable resource for nonprofits and social initiatives. They are superheroes who bring their skills, values, and unyielding support for causes that matter to them. Whether you are a cash-strapped…

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3 Ways To Inspire One-time Donors To Donate Again

Donations are crucial to nonprofit organizations. Finding brand new supporters can be a difficult task. Asking them to donate immediately can be even harder. According to a 2018 study the retention rate for donors is only 45.5 percent. For the past decade the average has…

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4 Expert Tips For Nonprofit Content Marketing On A Budget

Social media has made content marketing increasingly important. Nonprofits use content marketing to inform and engage with donors, volunteers and those they intend to help. According to a recent study 89% of successful nonprofits are extremely committed to content marketing. Content marketing for nonprofits brings…

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