Social media has made content marketing increasingly important. Nonprofits use content marketing to inform and engage with donors, volunteers and those they intend to help.

According to a recent study 89% of successful nonprofits are extremely committed to content marketing.

Content marketing for nonprofits brings its own challenges, one being budget restrictions. Unlike traditional tactics like direct mail, TV ads, or telemarketing, which can be expensive, content marketing is a cost-effective form of marketing.

Here are 4 expert tips to help you start creating content:



I’m going to say this right away in case you tune out soon. You don’t need to be on every channel. In fact, you likely shouldn’t be on every channel. You might think, shouldn’t my organization be everywhere it possibly can be? Before creating an account for the next latest and greatest social platform, answer these questions first:

Is your prospective audience using that channel?

Do they want to hear from you on that channel?

Can you curate appropriate, engaging content for that channel?

Or, will you post for the sake of posting and have your news go unnoticed?

–   Josie Richards, Owner at Josie Joan Creative




Whether your brilliant content comes in the form of video, think pieces, podcast interviews or painted portraits, creating in batches will help you save time, money and manpower.

Imagine any of these scenarios: Spending one afternoon writing a month’s worth of blog posts. Filming several YouTube tutorials, dance videos or whatever you need to create on location for one full day. Recording with four guests in your studio over one weekend.

You’re saving money by only renting a space for one specific time, you’re saving energy when focusing so intently on one activity, and you’re saving your team from attending many different creative rap sessions instead of just one.

– Amy Jacobus, Founder at Amy Jacobus Marketing




Increasingly, the phrase “content is king” is used by those who work in the web. And this phrase is more than true since content is what drives search engines to you, to your website. If the search engines are able to find you, then it will mean that your customers and prospects will be too.

Therefore when building your nonprofit fundraising website, it is important to build content for search engines. If you want to get more visibility, generate more visits or strengthen your SEO through content marketing, here’s how to choose the right keywords for your nonprofit website.

– Juhi Sharma, Marketing Manager at GiveCentral




Nonprofits face increasing pressure to justify operational expenses to their funders. Celebrate success on capacity building projects by calculating the return on investment (ROI) and sharing it with the people and organizations who help fund your mission. All internal projects should achieve measurable improvements in either the dollars your organization saves (for example, migrating your email to the cloud to save dollars on local hosting fees) or the hours your staff saves (for example, staff time saved on data entry and reporting by moving fundraising data from spreadsheets into a database). The result is a more compelling story to build trust and demonstrate good stewardship of resources with your funders, such as this recent blog post made about a nonprofit’s investment in a new database to manage program and client data.

– Sean Williams, Nonprofit Operations Consultant at TechBridge


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